Welcome to TECH!

It's so much more than coding, we promise.

Explore the world of Tech – the history, the players, the companies, the jobs, the trends. Learn new digital skills in UI/UX design, AI, video, cyber security and the Agile methodology. Reflect on the ethics of the sector. Discover how to use the power of tech to create change.

In this unit you will learn:

  1. To understand and reflect upon the history of technological trends and innovations and contextualize yourself within this ongoing progression.
  2. Analyse the complexities of fast-paced and ever-changing business environments.
  3. Research practical ways of applying your skills to a technology-related career.
  4. Develop relevant tech capabilities such as problem
    framing, ideation, requirements gathering, and solutioning.
  5. Investigate best practice software used in fast moving workplaces.
  6. Apply the relevant standards in ethics, security and diversity and inclusion, to a new and emerging technology product.

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Meet your Industry HEXperts

We have sourced industry's finest from a cross-section of roles, industries and organisations to give you the low-down on the world of tech. Think heavy hitters from Atlassian & Amazon, or the awesome Australian tech startups who have the finger on the pulse for what's new in Tech. 

Stay HEXy!
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