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This unit is all about global and inclusive leadership, self-awareness, values and goal setting, and personal branding.
Perfect for those looking to reconnect with their purpose before making their next move.


How well do you really know yourself?

In this self-paced course, you will understand and discover your hidden strength and values. You'll learn how to create a pathway that is tailored to you. Explore how to maximise your uniqueness and leadership style so you can make the impact you want in the world.
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Learning outcomes

  • Discover a deeper sense of self by developing your personal and professional values.
  • Define your personal and professional goals and measure progress.
  • Investigate and practice your leadership capabilities in a range of contexts
  • Use decision-making skills and emotional intelligence to map out flexible career pathways.
  • Showcase your personal brand through a professional portfolio

Time commitment

  • Self paced
  • Worksheets and checkpoints included

What's HEX Ed GO?

HEX Ed GO is our online program that challenges who you are and what you want to do in the world today – industry backed, and facilitated by the award-winning team at HEX.

HEX Ed GO is completely self paced which means you can learn at any time, anywhere.
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You can expect to....

Discover your personal values

Learn how to journal to improve your mindset

Create your own career planning tree

Build your own personal portfolio

World class learnings

Meet your program legends

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and exclusive insights into professional and personal development, you can ensure that you'll be in great hands.

Jeanette Cheah

CEO & Founder @ HEX
G20 Young Entrepreneurs • Top 100 Innovators List • Building innovation into Higher Education

Josh Farr

Founder @ Campus Consultancy
TEDx speaker • Australian Business Journal's #1 Student Leadership Coach in Aus • Business Advisory Board

Lisa Teh

Serial Entrepreneur
Co-Founder of Mooning • Founder CODI Agency • Co-Founder of Lisnic.com • 40 U 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian • LinkedIn Top Voice

Samuel Sentongo

Angel Investor @ Startmate
Cyber-security expert and a Senior Product Security Engineer @ Atlassian

Nathan Gold

Founder of Demo Coach
High-Stakes Presentation coach and Keynote Speaker

Crystal McGregor

Program Lead @ Tech Ready Women Academy
Supporting women to start and scale tech & innovation companies

Shannon Campbell

head of product @ HEX
Serial Startups • Mentor • Strategy • Operations • Doing the right thing, in the right way

Nathan Jones

Founder of Emotional Skills Trainer & Mood.ai 
Emotional Skills Trainer, Social Entrepreneur, PhD Candidate (Emotion Science)

Frequently asked questions

I need help! Who do I talk to?

For any HEX Ed enquiries, you can email the HEX team at hello@startwithhex.com. We'll try to respond to you request ASAP!

What's the difference between HEX Ed Go and HEX Ed Pro?

HEX Ed Go and HEX Ed Pro includes the same content but HEX Ed Pro allows you to get access to university credit, mentoring and community. HEX Ed GO is perfect for those looking to upskill themselves on their own schedule. If you're unsure which one is the best option for you, contact us at hello@startwithhex.com.

What sort of tech do I need to complete the course?

HEX Ed Units are designed for laptop or desktop use.

If you want to use a mobile device or phone, we suggest you only do so when watching or listening to our videos. 

What browser should I use for the best experience?

For the best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome when completing the course.

What sort of internet plan do I need for the best experience?

You will need WiFi with internet speeds that are at least 2 Mbps download/upload.

Be warned, if you are using your mobile data, our videos might chew through this pretty quickly!

What's the code of conduct?

At HEX we value authentic kindness. With that, we’d love to keep the rules of engagement simple.

Just be a good human.
    If you need these broken down, we ask that at all times, you:
  • Act with consideration and courtesy to other students and all HEX stakeholders,
  • Respect the rights of others to study and work free from discrimination and harassment,
  • Express your views respectfully and responsibly and accept the rights of others to do the same,
  • Act safely, and do not endanger others, and;
  • Professionally and positively represent your home university, school or organisation, your country of citizenship, and HEX.

We have a zero-tolerance approach for unacceptable behaviour. If you notice something amiss, please contact as soon as possible so that we can help at hello@startwithhex.com.