Welcome to FUTURE!

Ready to save the world? Thought so.

Learn how to think like a futurist and predict cultural trends. Trace the connection between pop-culture, tech, people, planet and society. Unlock your influencing power to design the future and influence change, today.

In this unit you will learn:

  1. To investigate futurist models and understand a futurist mindset
  2. Anticipate future cultural trends by investigating culture in past and present contexts.
  3. Analyse and critique the ethics of emerging and established business models.
  4. Communicate your understanding of ideal leadership and its potential impact on global challenges.
  5. Design a compelling solution to a major problem we will face in the future.

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Meet your Industry HEXperts

We have sourced industry's finest from a cross-section of roles, industries and organisations to give you the 411 on the future (ooooh). These crop of legends are the futurists who know what's up! 

Are you ready for the future? 

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