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HEX Innovation Programs are the simplest first step to launching your next move. Creating a startup, upskilling in tech, or levelling up your impact leadership - start with HEX.
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With a collective knowledge of over 350 years combined between 100+ mentors - there is no question too big or too small. We can help guide your dreams (the crazier, the better!) into a pathway to success.

Enhance your skills

Unlock the exponential skills and mindsets that you didn't even know you had. Our programs are designed to unleash the superpowers that makes you uniquely you. The world needs you, today!

Global Credit Passport

After successful completion of the HEX Degree Accelerator Program, the University of Sydney will issue certificates of completion that provide students with a graded academic record of their learning. These can be used to apply for credit at universities around the world that recognise the University of Sydney’s academic credit. Designed as electives for most academic disciplines.
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Meet a few of your industry HEXperts

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Not sure what to do? Start with HEX!

Create an industry-relevant portfolio

Put your classroom learning into practice. From creating prototypes, designs and more, using a real workplace tech toolbox and industry feedback that give you an unfair advantage over the rest of your peers in any industry or university major you're in.

The CEO internship

Be the decision-maker. You’ll be put into the role of a founder and get a chance to experience as the CEO of your startup. You’ll be asked to identify problems, create an impact, build your network and pitch your brand to the public.

Build your brand

Forbes 30 under 30, LinkedIn Voice, or TikTok star. Learn how to make yourself stand out from the crowd and become the most hireable person in the room. Grow your voice and create an online presence ideal for recruitment or any future professional connections.

Accelerate to the next level

Trust us, we know what it's like to experience FOMO when being forced to choose a degree or a 'job title'. We'll give you the context and skills to map out what's next and avoid degree-hopping. With the HEX Student Success journey, you can continue to get support on the next move.

Who is HEX? 

HEX is a for-impact, Australian-based EdTech company that delivers life-changing, for-credit experiences for students, helping them get ready for the exponential future. Since 2017, HEX has helped thousands of students launch startups, get funding, or kick-start amazing tech and innovation careers. Our unique insights come from decades of Higher Ed experience and working with thousands of Gen Zs to design our research-backed thought leadership framework, Exponential Intelligence™. 
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